Are you embarrassed walking around North Canton with your bad breath? Do you find yourself starting your day with mouthwash continue with mints, then move to chewing gum just to keep your bad smelly breath under control? There is an entire industry developed to helping you get rid of your bad breath. Did you know that Christina Brinda DDS,  your local North Canton dentist is the best way to ensure your breath stays fresh, clean and healthy? Now let’s look how you can cure your bad breath permanently.

Causes For Bad Breath

Let’s look at what causes bad breath. The official name for bad breath is Halitosis. According to Wikipedia, the term Halitosis was coined by doctor Joseph William Howe in 1874 and described as being derived from the Latin hālitus (literally “whiff, breath”) and the Ancient Greek νόσος (nósos, literally “disease”). It can be also understood as combination of the Latin hālitus and the English suffix -osis.

Halitosis can be caused by what you eat. Lets look for example at super fragrant foods just like garlic, aromatic herbs, onions you will be reminded of your dietary choices by everyone you encounter. What is the simplest way to handle these types of situations? Simply brush your teeth or, use mouth wash or chew a sugar free chewing gum.

Another very common cause of halitosis is Tobacco. It makes no difference if you smoke tobacco or if you chew tobacco, you will experience the same effects. We highly encourage and recommend our patients and the community at large to stop using tobacco and try leading to a tobacco free life.

There is a more serious cause for chronic halitosis, and that could be caused by a more serious medical condition.


Dental Issues and Halitosis

Gingivitis (Gum Disease) is inflammation of gum tissue, the mildest form of gum disease. Untreated gingivitis can lead to Periodontal Disease and can cause bad breath as well as other complications. It might surprise you to learn that about 70% of adults suffer from some degree of gingivitis. Since bad breath is caused by a bacterial infection, gingivitis is the number one infectious disease in the world.

Other examples of dental issues causing halitosis could be:

  1. Unclean dental appliances
  2. Ill-fitting dentures
  3. tightly crowded teeth may trap debris which can cause bad breath.

Dental Hygiene and Halitosis

If you think that the refreshing smell of your mouthwash or of your toothpaste is what makes your dental hygiene, think again. Ignoring your oral hygiene can cause bacteria to build up in your mouth. Bacteria can cause halitosis. If you find yourself in this predicament of ignoring your oral hygiene, it is time to contact Christina Brinda DDS, your North Canton dentist. It is time to take your oral hygiene seriously and cure your bad breath for good.


Medical Conditions and Halitosis

In the rare cases that you still have chronic bad breath after seeing one of  Christina Brinda DDS your North Canton dentists’ outstanding Dental Hygienist, Kate or Jennifer and you still experience bad breath, you may want to see your family physician.

Bad breath can also be rooted in other medical issues or disease. Diabetes, tonsillitis, infections or sinus problems can all be causes for bad breath.

Your Local Dentist in North Canton, OH

If you experience prolonged bad breath, that was not caused by what you have recently eaten, it is time to give Christina Brinda DDS of North Canton Ohio, in Jackson township a call and schedule an appointment today.

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