Are you embarrassed to smile because your teeth are discolored? Did you know that tooth discoloration can diminish your overall oral health? Is your smile impacted by stained or yellow teeth? Contact your local female dentist serving the Canton area. With the help of different procedures and techniques such as porcelain veneers or in-office teeth whitening, you will see how your smile is transformed in an instant.

Staining Caused By Beverages

A lot of beverages that you may enjoy frequently, have a damaging effect on the way your teeth look. Dark fluids can leave deposits behind which are absorbed into your teeth enamel. Once absorbed into the enamel, it can be extremely hard to remove these deposits by simply flossing and brushing. Below is a list of common beverages that can contribute to staining your teeth:

  • Coffee
  • Red Wine
  • Cola
  • Black Tea
  • Root Beer

To enjoy a bright and clean smile, ask your outstanding local female North Canton Dentist about the available teeth whitening dental services.

Enamel Wear and Tear

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Enamel is found on the outermost part of your tooth and is what gives you a bright smile. It is a very durable material but it can erode over time due to a variety of different factors.

The yellow area also known as dentin will slowly show when enamel on your teeth thins out. Dentin gives your teeth that yellow-like shade. By leveraging a rigorous in house teeth whitening treatment plan, your local dentist can brighten your smile and return the confidence you have been waiting for.

Inconsistent Oral Hygiene

If you do not maintain your oral health properly by regularly brushing and flossing, your teeth may start getting a yellow shade. After a snack or a meal, bacteria and food stick to your teeth forming plaque which attacks your enamel and discolors your teeth. By ignoring recommended oral hygiene guidelines (floss at least once a day and brush at least twice a day), plaque attacks your enamel and discolors your smile. If ignored for longer periods of time, plaque hardens and forms tartar. Once you have tartar, your local dentist needs to intervene with a professional dental cleaning (prophylaxis) treatment. Visit your preferred local dentist for regular dental cleanings to minimize the buildup of tartar and plaque on your teeth.

Your Local Dentist in North Canton, OH

If you experience yellowing teeth, it is time to contact Christina Brinda DDS of North Canton Ohio, in Jackson township and schedule an appointment today!