Have you ever wondered how often you should visit your local dentist to get your teeth cleaned? You know that you have to get your teeth cleaned and examined by your local dentist.


How Frequent Should Adults Get Their Teeth Cleaned?

Most dental insurance plans, including most of those through programs like Medicaid and Medicare will pay for two cleanings per year. The American Dental Association recommends one to two cleanings per year. In the context of these recommendations, we may be surprised to know that many people fail to visit their local dentist to clean their teeth, even the bare minimum of once a year?

It is true that we all have busy lives and life happens and we end up to procrastinate scheduling a routine cleaning appointment. Keep in mind that a professional cleaning by your local hygienist, removes bacteria in a more efficient way that you cannot do at home with just a toothbrush. At Christina Brinda DDS, your North Canton dentist we have specialized Piezo Ultrasonic Scalers that offer a more effective and comfortable experience. This tool is used to remove plaque and calculus more efficiently when compared to traditional hand scaling.

Having a professional cleaning, provides your local North Canton dentist the opportunity to examine your mouth on a regular basis for diseases and/or abnormalities. It is beneficial to catch a disease early on in its onset.  A professional cleaning also helps you keep your teeth longer.


How Does Professional Cleaning Help you and your Oral Health?

Your local dentist office has several options available when it comes to the types of dental cleanings. When visiting your local Massillon dentist, your oral health will be assessed and depending on the condition of your mouth a cleaning specific to your needs will be recommended.

Cleaning with your local North Canton dentist

Scaling and Root Planing (Deep Cleaning)

Scaling and Root Planing is a much more in-depth cleaning process that allows your hygienist to clean up under your gums and in the pockets where gum disease and gingivitis can cause further damage. After a deep cleaning, the patient will be put on a periodontal maintenance schedule and is to return every three to four months.



Prophylaxis is a type of professional dental cleaning that maintains an already well-maintained mouth, healthy. By leveraging this type of cleaning, your local Hygienist will make sure to remove all plaque and tartar. This will prevent gingivitis, gum disease and cavities.

This is the type of cleaning that most people get completed biannually at their local North Canton dentist and refer to as a “regular dental cleaning.”

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 Visit your Local Dentist for a Professional Cleaning

After your regularly scheduled cleaning appointment, it is critical that you maintain a healthy mouth and healthy habits at home. Continue brushing your teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once a day. You may use mouthwash to reduce the amount of harmful bacteria in your mouth.

Remember, to schedule an appointment, twice per year, with your local dentist, Christina Brinda DDS of North Canton, for a professional cleaning and exam.