When it comes to our overall health, we all have nagging pains and aches that bother us, sometimes we contact our primary care physician, and sometimes we ignore them. But what do we do when we are suspicious about our oral health? Do you know when it is time to schedule a visit with your dentist in North Canton?


When Do I need to visit a Dentist?

If you have been taking care of your teeth most likely you only visited your local dentist for regular cleanings. However, you may be wondering what should prompt you to visit your local dentist office. In the article below you will find a list of items that can guide you towards making the decision.

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When You Are In Pain

If you experience swelling or any kind of pain in your mouth or face, they can point to signs of trouble. Infections can manifest through swelling and pain.  These types of oral infections can rapidly become very serious and you should visit a dentist office immediately.


When You Are Pregnant

First and foremost, it is perfectly ok to visit your dentist while pregnant. Certain dental issues can be exacerbated during pregnancy and your oral health can be negatively impacted. Oral health is key for your health as well as your baby’s health and we encourage you to maintain your good habits.


When You Have Other Medical Concerns

If you experience chronic conditions, your local dentist should be part of your treatment plan and care team. Some conditions such as eating disorders, diabetes and fibromyalgia as well as many other medications that can be part of your medication list, can affect the state of your oral health. Having a dentist in your corner, is important in these types of situations to ensure that your oral health is as well taken care of as the rest of your body.

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When You Hate Your Smile

If you are embarrassed with your smile or if you feel that your missing, stained, or chipped tooth is impacting your smile and confidence, it is important to remember your dentist. A confident smile starts with accepting your problem, facing it, and visiting your local dentist. If you do not like your smile, get help from your local North Canton dentist so that they can fix what is bothering you about your smile.


When Your Gums Are Sore or Bleeding

Here are some indications that you are experiencing gum disease. If your gums experience one of the following symptoms, you need to visit your dentist

  • Bleeding
  • Sore
  • Puffy

Gum disease is quite common and might not be alarming or sound like such a big deal.  If you take it lightly and or ignore it, you may end up facing many other issues and can be a precursor to many other health problems Below are some of the issues that can worsen if you do not act properly.


When You Had Problems in the Past

Dental Checkups are paramount if you had dental work done in the past such as:

Even if everything is going great, you have not experienced any issues, regular checkups are incredibly important. These checkups with your local Massillon dentist, will ensure that a professional can assess the current state of your work and ensure that it is in working order and that no other issues are lurking behind the scenes.

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Are you experiencing any of the problems listed above? Are you concerned about your smile or the state of your oral health? It means you need to schedule an appointment with your dentist right away. If you are looking for an outstanding dentist in North Canton, contact Christina Brinda DDS, of North Canton Ohio.