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Whether you’re looking for a family dentist in Canal Fulton or the surrounding areas of Portage, Summit, or Stark County, there are a few things to consider. For one, you need to understand what a general dentist can do for you and your family. These professionals can treat adults and children alike. They can provide solutions for a wide variety of dental problems. They can also provide cosmetic and restorative services. Some of these services include whitening, braces, and dental implants.

While some of these services may be geared toward younger patients, some of them can be used for seniors, young adults, and even high school teens. Most of these practices will also offer preventive care, including teeth cleanings, x-rays, and sealants. They can also offer treatments for gum disease, loose teeth, and broken teeth.

You should also choose a dental practice that’s kid-friendly. These offices are equipped to handle all of your dental needs and will encourage good oral hygiene. They’ll also help you and your child with flossing and encouraging a healthy diet. They can also help with a dental anxiety problem if you are nervous about visiting the dentist.

The best part is that the staff at Christina Brinda DDS are highly trained. They can handle all your oral health needs, from cosmetic procedures to estetic dental implants. Christina Brinda DDS may even be able to perform tooth extractions if needed. You’ll be happy to know that Christina Brinda DDS offers convenient hours as well.

A family dentist can work with children as young as three years old. This can give your child the opportunity to develop a great relationship with their dentist. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns

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As a general dentist, dentist or family dentist in Canal Fulton, Ohio can have two degrees; DDS and DMD. They are all qualified to perform the following treatments:

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